10/10 Nighthold

[O] Zalival ao posted Mar 21, 17

After we bent the knee 208 times, one of them on 0% to enrage, this warlock and the Demon Within are finally dead.

9/10 Nighthold

[O] Zalival ao posted Feb 28, 17

Grand Magistrix Elisande dead. Onwards to the final challenge of the tier, Gul'dan!

After 284 wipes, Myst finally takes down the most challenging boss of this expansion. We had a 60k health wipe earlier in the night, but that didn't stop us from dealing the final killing blow later on.

Now back to Emerald Nightmare splits, yay!

And so Emerald Nightmare has been cleansed of corruption.

Myst has finished the first raid of Legion at a respectable world rank of 44, killing both, Cenarius and Xavius in a single raid night.

Next up is Trial of Valor, soon™.

After 2 days of raiding, Myst has cleared 5/7 Mythic in Emerald Nightmare.

Onwards to Cenarius and Xavius!

[O] Flay a #MystRising SMOrc
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